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Core Value – Accountability March 13, 2019

As we continue to spotlight our core values here at our TYGES to help us achieve our mission of “We’re here to make good things happen for other people”, accountability is up next. 

Accountability is a big deal for me.  We take responsibility for our actions in a performance driven environment.  When you work with one our team members, you should expect that we will be accountable for our actions and our performance as we conduct our work hence we won’t just disappear but in fact will deliver both good news and the bad news.  It may not always be liked but it will be transparent and honest. 

Our team members at TYGES are treated like business owners in that they set their own performance goals and they set their hours.  We are not guided by how much you work, how much time you take off, but rather by how well they demonstrate all of our values and how well they perform against their personal goals.  Our team members translate this performance related accountability to everyone we come in contact with. 

Written by: Tim Saumier, CEO