ABA Therapy Recruitment

At TYGES, we are dedicated to matching the right talent with the right opportunities. Whether you are an employer seeking top-tier ABA therapists or a candidate searching for your next career move, TYGES is your strategic partner in success.

Recruiting in ABA Therapy

ABA therapy is more in demand now than ever before, from healthcare clinics to schools to hospitals to private practices, and many other places.

TYGES specializes in recruiting ABA therapists nationwide. We leverage our industry expertise and professional network to help you find an ABA therapist candidate who exceeds your expectations and aligns with your organizational needs and culture.

Searching for candidates on your own can be costly in terms of time and resources that your organization may not have. For all the effort you put in, you still run the risk that the best candidates available out there may have slipped through your net.

With TYGES, you can rest assured that the best people for the job are put on your radar, whether you are looking for full-time staff, part-time support, or seasonal assistance.

Whatever the needs of your organization, we find candidates with the right experience and qualifications for your unique situation.

ABA Therapy Specializations

ABA therapy encompasses a range of therapy types, each requiring specific expertise and training. At TYGES, we have an extensive network of ABA therapist candidates who specialize in applied behavioral analysis therapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is a scientifically backed approach to help people, particularly children and adults with autism, learn and develop skills to manage their behaviors and improve their quality of life.

  • Goals: Increase desired behaviors, decrease challenging behaviors, teach new skills, improve communication, and increase dependence.
  • Methods: Uses positive reinforcement (rewards) for desired behaviors and ignores or redirects unwanted behaviors. ABA therapy is all about understanding how someone learns and then applying those principles to help them succeed.


Psychotherapy refers to a variety of treatments that are designed to help an individual identify and change troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Most psychotherapy takes place in one-on-one sessions with a licensed mental health professional. Some take place in a group setting.

Whether you are seeking licensed clinical psychologists or psychotherapists with ABA experience, TYGES has access to a diverse pool of candidates to meet your needs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps individuals improve motor functions and offers therapy and advice for individuals who are experiencing difficulty with everyday tasks. Occupational therapy plays a vital role in helping individuals with developmental disabilities achieve greater independence and quality of life.

TYGES partners with organizations to recruit occupational therapists with expertise in ABA techniques, ensuring a correct fit for you or your organization.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps individuals with speech impediments or trouble speaking break down the barriers of communication. Communication challenges are common among individuals with autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.

TYGES helps organizations recruit speech therapists who are knowledgeable in applied behavioral analysis.

Are you a qualified therapist with an ABA background seeking new opportunities?

Our dedicated team of recruiters is here to support you every step of the way. We can connect you with exciting career prospects that match your qualifications and desired location. Let TYGES connect you with your future career today.


Q: What is ABA Therapy?

A: ABA therapy stands for Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy. In ABA therapy, certified therapists work closely with individuals with autism and other learning disabilities to monitor behavior. The goal is to increase behaviors that are good and helpful and decrease harmful behaviors. ABA therapy can be performed in homes, schools, or clinics.

Having the right therapist for you or your organization is crucial for the success of the therapy. Contact TYGES to get matched with a top ABA therapist today.

 Q: How long does the recruitment process take?

A: The recruiting timeline for ABA therapists can vary depending on location, job requirements, and candidate availability. TYGES strives to find qualified candidates as quickly as possible while ensuring thorough candidate vetting to meet your staffing needs efficiently.

Q: Why should you work with an ABA recruitment agency?

A: TYGES provides candidate screening, interviewing, and shortlisting services to meet your needs, saving you and your organization valuable time and resources. With our broad network and industry expertise, we present you with only the top candidates. Our experience enables us to offer advice, negotiate offers, and ensure fair outcomes. We aim to match you with the right therapist as quickly as possible.

Q: What qualifications do ABA therapists have?

A: To become an ABA therapist, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology, education, or a related field, along with specialized training in applied behavior analysis. Certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) is also required.

Ready to take the next step in ABA therapy recruitment?

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