Helping Leaders Connect With Organizations

TYGES is a leader in staffing and recruitment for manufacturers and behavioral health providers.

We are committed to connecting companies with top talent in sales, marketing, engineering, operations, quality, continuous improvement, lean, finance, human resources, and IT. We understand the distinct challenges and opportunities within the manufacturing sector that drive your success in plant and corporate environments.

We facilitate connections in the ABA field to help your clients progress. We source and recruit qualified professionals who may work in clinics, residences, in-home, and school environments.

Candidates Resources & Services

As your career resource, we are dedicated to providing you with industry insights that will be beneficial to your career’s maximum development. At no cost to you as a candidate, we’ll work with you in a professional and confidential manner to listen, communicate, consult, and facilitate. We welcome the opportunity to explore a partnership between you, employers, and TYGES.

Find Your

Executive Recruiters at TYGES are passionate about connecting behavioral health professionals with job opportunities that match their qualifications and desired location.


Review our online resources or that help guide you from polishing your resume through preparing for your new role.


Get ready for your move with info about how far your salary will go, moving costs, cost of living analysis, and more.