Employer Services

Value-Added Services

TYGES is committed to supporting our client’s needs through a range of services that make the hiring process easier for all.

Reference Checks

A reference check is when a candidate’s previous employers are contacted and asked questions regarding their employment history and qualifications for a particular opportunity. We reach out to a combination of supervisors, peers, and direct reports and present a composite of the individual.

Background Checks

A background check is a review of a candidate’s personal, criminal, and sometimes financial records. We’ll reach out to the candidate to get their permission to run the check, and then provide the report. Not every finding would prevent a candidate from being hired, but having that information allows you to make an informed decision.

Drug Screening

As part of the hiring process, you may request a candidate be screened for drug use as a condition of employment. We’ll contact a candidate directly to request a 10-panel urine drug screen with a national lab, LabCorp or Quest.

Relocation Consulting

TYGES works with a third-party company to offer aggressive discounts and VIP relocation services. Get answers to city information reports, school reports, cost of living, salary comparisons, and moving costs. They can also assist with rental properties, new home search, moving, community search, and selling a current home.

Assessment Testing

Hiring a new employee can be a difficult task. We facilitate assessments to measure a final candidate’s natural traits and abilities to create a higher likelihood of success in your organization.

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We are committed to connecting companies with top talent in sales, marketing, engineering, operations, quality, continuous improvement, lean, finance, human resources, and IT. We understand the distinct challenges and opportunities within the manufacturing sector that drive your success in plant and corporate environments.

We facilitate connections in the ABA field to help your clients progress. We source and recruit qualified professionals who may work in clinics, residences, in-home, and school environments.

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