BCBA (Board-Certified Behavior Analyst) Recruitment

Neurodiverse individuals and their families often face significant challenges, and it takes a special sort of person to help them navigate those hurdles. Limitless patience and compassion, and strong emotional intelligence and communication skills are must-haves, along with expert knowledge in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) best practices and evidence-based techniques.

At TYGES, our executive search professionals are experts in board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) recruitment strategies. When you’re ready to expand your team of BCBA professionals, we’re here to help with forward-looking recruitment and unparalleled candidate matching.

Recruit the Right BCBA Candidates for Your Team

Behavioral health recruiting demands finding not only a qualified candidate, but the right qualified candidate for a particular position, organization, and client population.

Our team can help you recruit behavior analysts who meet all of the necessary credentials for board certification, including:

  • An ABAI or APBA-accredited graduate degree
  • At least 1,500 hours of supervised fieldwork while being mentored by a seasoned BCBA
  • Passing score on the competency exam


This is only the tip of the iceberg, however. We look beyond credentials on paper to ensure that each potential candidate has the right intangibles, like a strong work ethic, firm commitment to professional ethics, and unwavering sense of professionalism, including confidentiality and appropriate boundaries.

We’ll help you find behavior analysts with deep experience meeting the needs of clients, including:

  • Keen observation and thorough assessments
  • Creation of a safe, welcoming, and inclusive therapy environment
  • Realistic goal-setting in a collaborative manner
  • Progress tracking and plan adjustment as needed


What’s more, we focus on finding candidates who are committed to lifelong learning, as staying abreast of the latest research and evidence-based methods is a must in this field.

We Empower You to Confidently Navigate a Tight Labor Market

The numbers are stark. There are about 70,000 registered BCBAs in the U.S. Employers need about 300,000 of them. In fact, the demand for BCBAs nationwide has risen every year since 2010. Between 2022 and 2023 alone, there was a 14% increase in demand.  Agree on graphic

The discrepancy between supply and demand makes for a tight labor market that demands exceptionally skilled and experience-driven recruitment methods. This is particularly true if your organization is located in a state with especially high demand and low supply, including California, Florida, Virginia, Texas, and Michigan.

At TYGES, we enjoy a challenge. Our highly experienced team can help you recruit BCBA experts no matter where you’re located or how quickly demand outpaces supply. 

How TYGES Can Help You Find Qualified BCBA Candidates

We recruit BCBA professionals using an intentional, repeatable, and predictable methodology that allows us to place leaders at all levels. The TYGES Way is to:

  • Listen
  • Communicate
  • Consult
  • Facilitate

Our partnerships with our clients are guided by our core values. We prioritize integrity, respect, accountability, determination, and courage, always keeping in mind the desired impact of each position—not just its eligibility criteria.

We employ a variety of techniques to recruit BCBA professionals for all types of organizations. We’ve found that it’s feasible to overcome the challenges of a tight labor market with board-certified behavior analyst recruitment strategies such as:

  • Looking out-of-state when necessary to recruit candidates willing to relocate
  • Collaborating with clients on providing candidates with the necessary relocation resources to make the position more enticing
  • Personalizing the search and recruitment process, such as by determining how a candidate’s intangibles align with the company’s core mission and values

Organizations We Commonly Partner With

When you work with TYGES, you’ll enjoy an ongoing partnership that prioritizes not only your organizational needs, but the needs and well-being of your valued clients and their families. With every position we work to fill, our board-certified behavior analyst recruitment team keeps the desired end result top of mind. It’s just one reason why 75% of our customers are repeat business.

We’re pleased to partner with all types of organizations that hire behavior analysts, including:

  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • K-12 Schools
  • Nursing Homes
  • Group Homes
  • ABA Private Practices
  • In-Home ABA Agencies

Build Your Team With TYGES Today

For well over 20 years, the ABA therapy recruitment team at TYGES has developed a sterling reputation for finding the right candidate for the right position. Not every employer shares the same needs and goals. We take the time to develop a deep understanding of what you’re looking for in a behavior analyst candidate, and then we’ll refer professionals to you who are committed to evidence-based, ethical practices that support both clients and their families.

Contact TYGES today and let us know how our company can support yours. We are an executive and professional search firm that works with all types of organizations nationwide.

We also welcome inquiries from board-certified ABA therapists who are looking for a position that allows them to make a positive difference in the community.