Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Recruitment

The demand for registered behavior technicians (RBTs) remains high as hospitals, clinics, schools, and other organizations seek qualified professionals to instruct and care for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Recruiting qualified candidates, however, is a time-consuming process and finding the perfect match is far from guaranteed. This is where the services of an elite RBT recruitment agency come into play.

TYGES is a worldwide leader in behavioral health recruiting with access to a network of RBTs and other professionals within the field of applied behavior analysis. We can take the task of sourcing, recruiting, and vetting highly qualified RBTs off your hands so you and your team can focus on your core accountabilities.

What Sets an RBT Apart From the Crowd?

TYGES applies proven vetting methods to ensure that we present our clients with only registered behavior technicians. Some of the qualities we look for in recruiting high-performing RBTs include:

  • Training and education: Depending on your needs, an RBT certification alone may not qualify a candidate for your consideration. If you are seeking candidates who have undergone continued training and coursework in behavior analysis, we can find them for you.
  • Experience: The job experience of RBT candidates can vary widely in terms of settings, responsibilities, and types of clients. We can help you find candidates who have exposure to certain settings, such as clinics, schools, and homes, as well as other populations.
  • Communication skills: Highly developed communication skills are essential for interfacing with supervisors, families and other professionals involved in the care of a person on the autism spectrum or with other developmental disabilities. An RBT must also use effective communication in the implementation of a behavior implementation plan.
  • Empathy: All the education in the world means little if you don’t have the patience and empathy to work with people with developmental disabilities. We vet RBT candidates for these important traits as well as their professional qualifications.
  • Data collection and analysis skills: An effective treatment plan requires the accurate collection and reasoned analysis of available data to track progress and make informed adjustments.

These are only a few of the traits we look for when recruiting candidates for open RBT positions. Your needs may vary, and we will tailor a recruitment strategy to select for the traits and experience that are most important to you.

Our best-in-class interview to placement ratio means that our clients spend less time talking with candidates who do not check all the boxes, and more time selecting the team members from a small pool of candidates.

Putting High-Performing Teams Together

Whether our clients are searching for a single registered behavior technician or putting together an entire time of applied behavior analysis professionals, we are prepared to meet their needs.

We understand that qualifications are only one part of hiring considerations. Leaders in this field want candidates who are aligned with an organization’s vision, values, and culture. From board-certified behavior analyst recruitment to registered behavioral therapist recruitment, our vetting methods take these considerations into account when presenting our clients with candidates.

In addition, depending on your hiring needs, we can help you recruit clinic directors, quality and compliance professionals, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, and other team members you need to meet the expectations of your clients and patients.

Helping RBTs Share Their Talents

If you are a registered behavior technician looking for an organization that will value your talent, training, and experience, the recruiting experts at TYGES can help you in your job search. We have built relationships with hospitals, clinics, schools, and other organizations that are leaders in your field—and can help you take your RBT career to the next level.

Talk With a Recruiting Expert Who Knows Your Industry

Hiring RBTs is not like hiring professionals in other fields and should not be treated as such. At TYGES, our focused experience in behavior health recruiting allows us to pinpoint the BCBAs, RBTs and other behavior analyst professionals who can make a difference in your organization.

To learn how we can help you fill a single RBT role or build a team of behavioral health professionals, contact us today to speak with a recruiting expert who understands the unique dynamics of your industry.