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9 Ways to Network with Recruiters

Recently I wrote about what types of recruiters you’re likely to meet in your job hunt. You remember that we work for the hiring companies, right?

You may be wondering, “why then, should I build a relationship with a recruiter?”

The better question is “how can I build the best relationship with the right recruiter/s?”

Here are 9 ways to build a relationship (i.e., network) with recruiters:

  1. Be strategic. Do your homework. If I had a dollar for every unsolicited resume that hit my inbox with “hey, let me know if you are working on anything that works for me,” from a person who works in a field far removed from manufacturing I could afford a second beach vacation every year! Before you reach out, take a look at the recruiter’s profile as well as their company’s profile. Figure out what they do and then position your connection request to speak to that. Bonus points if you say, “I noted TYGES is looking for a XX and I have experience in that.”
  2. Be clear. Tell me why you think I’m a good connection for you. If you’ve taken time to heed suggestion number 1, you may note, “I don’t see any roles in my field with TYGES, however, I noted that you have several connections in XX industry. Would you be willing to connect so I can learn more about that?”
  3. Be realistic. Right now, the media seems to be playing on your FOMO — telling you that EVERYONE is getting a better job with better pay and fully remote status. However, I talk to people every day who have been looking for a job for over a year – the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I’m a recruiter, and I work for companies that have expectations of the candidates I present. Get clear on what you’re looking for and why you are leaving your current job. You may not qualify for a $100K leap in salary or 10 weeks of PTO. You might, but if you think simply leaving your current job because “everyone” is getting better jobs with better benefits, you may be disappointed. 
  4. Be persistent. And Polite. Just like you, recruiters have lives. And they’re often juggling moving priorities -sometimes my priorities can shift 6 times in a day! That message you sent – it was great. And I MEANT to get back to you but then a candidate called because they lost the link for their zoom interview, and they needed it STAT. And your message fell down the inbox. Don’t worry about sending another note a few days later, just make sure it doesn’t sound like you think your time is more important than mine. We’re both busy. We both deserve the benefit of the doubt. 
  5. Be honest. If you don’t have the experience required, own that. Feel free to ask how you might make the move to get the experience but don’t lie. 
  6. Be confident. Just because you don’t have 10 years of experience doesn’t mean you can’t do the job, right? Own the amount of experience you have and back it up with measurable results you have achieved in your current and past roles. That gives me a chance to champion you when it’s appropriate. 
  7. Be curious. If you ask for feedback, be open to receiving it. I’ll preface my feedback to make sure you know that it’s what I’m seeing in the workplace or industry. I’ll encourage you to do your own research as well. If you ask for feedback don’t argue with the message you receive. 
  8. Be yourself. You know everyone else is taken, right? You have every right to be yourself in conversations with recruiters. While I definitely recommend being the best version of yourself, I want you to be fully comfortable in your skin in our conversation. 
  9. Be kind. If the best version of yourself is not kind, I’m not going to be able to continue our conversation. Kindness isn’t about telling me what you think I want to hear – it’s about being open to building a relationship. 

Job hunting can feel tough. Recruiters are people just like you, doing their best to navigate a wildly changing economy. Building relationships is how we get things done and I can’t wait to build a relationship with you. 

Written by: PEGGIE ARVIDSON, Account Executive

Peggie Arvidson started recruiting in junior high school when she convinced her classmates to join her in creating a ski club. Since then, she’s held many positions from sales to recruiting to non-profit leadership and quality assurance.  Her focus in her life and career is helping people to find their right work for the right pay because she believes that when people are happy at work, they are secure in life, and happy people change the world for the better.

Peggie has moved more than 30 times across 5 states and three time zones, and is not a military brat. Before COVID, she spent her free time traveling with her friends and husband and now you can find her making beautiful things out of yarn, found objects, and her imagination.

We’re here to make good things happen for other people.

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Written by: Leah Bryant

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