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The Advantage of Partnering Directly with Hiring Managers in Recruitment

Hiring manager on the manufacturing floor with team

When a vacancy arises within an organization, the repercussions can be felt across various levels. Initially, it’s the team that often bears the brunt of the burden. With a position unfilled, workload distribution becomes imbalanced, leading to increased stress and strain on team members as they try to cover the gaps left by the vacancy. Productivity may suffer, deadlines could be missed, and morale might decline as employees struggle to manage their own tasks alongside the additional responsibilities.

Furthermore, supervisors or managers also experience the impact of a vacant position. They must navigate the challenges of maintaining workflow efficiency while also addressing the concerns and frustrations of their team. They may find themselves having to step in to oversee tasks previously handled by the vacant role, further stretching their own time and resources.

TYGES is prepared to assist in addressing the challenges faced by understaffed teams or growing companies, because we are partners in recruiting for the manufacturing industry. After 20+ years of being in business, we understand the importance of vetting for specific technical skill sets necessary for the role.

Establishing a partnership with the hiring manager is the first step in our proven process. Since they are or have had their boots on the ground, they hold insights and understanding of the team’s dynamics and requirements that are invaluable in shaping the search criteria and identifying the ideal candidate. Their involvement from the beginning facilitates a more targeted and efficient hiring process, ultimately leading to quicker fill times and a smoother integration of the new hire into the team. This proactive approach to not only alleviates the immediate strain on the team and supervisors but also contributes to long-term organizational success by ensuring the right fit for the vacant position.

Our team at TYGES is equipped with over 250 years of combined industry experience. We know the right questions to ask and are in tune with industry jargon. Contact us to start your search today.

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Picture of Written by: Ashley

Written by: Ashley