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End of Year Interview Reflections

It’s the holidays and people are very busy with year-end, vacation, and whatnot. I want to be sure to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Year. Thanks for letting TYGES International be part of your professional life. If we can do anything to help you meet your goals in the New Year, then reach out to someone in the TYGES family.

I often have interviewees give me feedback after an interview and sometimes I am surprised at the reflections that they have as a result of their visit. I’ve compiled this feedback into a few recommendations that I think will be useful to both interviewers and interviewees.

The interview process is our most effective means of determining whether there is a fit. Accordingly, both parties need to maximize the value they give and receive from this process step. Here are some thoughts about how to provide value and derive value from the interview.

  • DO have an agenda – The company should provide a written agenda that is time-based and the individual should make it a point to internalize who each person is that they are to meet with and what that person’s likely focus will be (HR, technical, operations, etc.).
  • DO preplan the discussion points – Both the company and individual should have prepared discussion points that are to be addressed in the meeting. This should ensure that the discussion is informative and effective in sharing information.
  • DO make it a conversation – Many times an individual tells me that they feel like they were “grilled” in an interview. I think that an interview should be a two-way conversation so that both parties learn what is needed from the experience.
  • DO prepare for the meeting – Make sure that both the company and the individual have reviewed all available material about one another. Each party should have questions for the other that come from this investigative work.
  • DO allow enough time for the meeting – I am often told by interviewees that the interview felt “rushed” or the interviewer was distracted or “in a hurry”. This is a negative reflection on your company. On the candidate side, I would recommend you clear your schedule for a few hours after the interview to allow enough time in case it goes long. You don’t want to have to cut the interview short because you have another appointment.
  • DO follow up – Both parties should do a timely follow-up. The individual should immediately spend time making notes about the meeting and thinking about what responses were given and received.  In addition, written or email thank you notes should be sent to all people that were met. The company should provide feedback which details the positives and negatives of the interview.
  • DO help each other – If the two parties fail to make a match during this process it would be advantageous to both if one party or the other were to provide leads as to where to find people or another career opportunity. The golden rule applies here just as in your personal life.
Steve Sanders

Written by: Steve Saunders, VP/GM of Industrial

Steve Sanders leads the Industrial Recruitment team at TYGES and has
been with the organization since 2003. Prior to joining TYGES, Steve
worked in engineering and supply chain roles with Honeywell International
Inc. and Deere & Co. He has first-hand experience working in the
automotive, chemical, and off-highway equipment manufacturing industries.

Steve’s philosophy is simple. He demands honesty, integrity, and open
communications from both himself, his clients, and the candidates that he
works with. He strives to be a source of competitive advantage to his clients
and seeks to build strategic partnerships. He is committed to exceeding
customers’ expectations by providing quick, professional service. He
believes in sharing both the good and the not so good. He believes in doing
the right thing, even when it is not the easiest path. Steve is energized by
finding that perfect fit individual and introducing them to the client.

We’re here to make good things happen for other people.

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Written by: Leah Bryant

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