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Get With the Times, You’re Missing Out if You Don’t Recruit Through Text Messaging

T e x t i n g, one of the most efficient and modern forms of communication that has not only revolutionized how we communicate and establish a relationship with family and friends, but also with candidates as a recruiter. The following are ways that you’d be missing out big time if you don’t use texting to your advantage in recruiting. 

Know your candidates: In our fast-paced and technologically advancing world, our schedules fill up so quickly that no one has time for long messages or calls. For this reason, candidates who are often at work, prefer communication that immediately explains WHY you’re contacting them. It provides a discreet opportunity to shoot a quick message back during their break.

Gaining trust, follow-ups, and reminders: I like to follow up a LinkedIn request or call with a text message to match a voice to my face and candidates find it helpful to know it’s not spam when a call is followed up. Texts are also a helpful tool to use for following up for short updates and reminding them about your call, in case they forget, which does happen.

Low-pressure form of communication and avoid getting spam tossed. Texting brings an alternative form of communication that avoids getting tossed into spam folders like emails do. At the same time, it takes down a wall of formality and can put candidates at ease by giving more time to think about how they will respond.  SMS messages are also an opportunity to increase the likelihood candidates will see it pop up on their screens before logging in or opening an email app.

Personalization – Making your message relevant to the candidate is key; people nowadays will only look at a video or message for anywhere less than a minute. We also find that candidates in rural areas have more time for a call since they’re often working remotely, while candidates working on-site have more spotty availability and prefer checking emails or messages when they happen to be available. Again, you can follow these forms of communication with a text. I also find responding with an appropriate emotional reaction immediately establishes rapport and trust, as well. It shows you’re a genuine human wanting to make a connection.

The next time you think about contacting a candidate, keep in mind you can follow up with a text or use it as a reminder for a call when you find yourself getting ghosted!

Written by: Melissa Willis, Executive Recruiter

Melissa Willis graduated with a B.S. majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business at the University of Mary Washington with interest in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She has always wanted to make a lasting impact by helping people since she was young.  She never expected that her extroverted personality and sales skills as a fashion consultant and manager would land her in this rewarding career. Her goals align with TYGES’ mission statement, to “make great things happen for other people” because she believes helping people makes both of you happy and therefore makes the world a better place. As someone who understands how grueling job hunting can be, she is passionate in maintaining authentic relationships with people and finding them the best fit opportunity to make a difference in their client’s lives. 

Melissa, originally a Bostonian, has spent most of her life living in Virginia and can be found singing at church, dancing, caring for her new guinea pigs, on the grind to beat her family in video games, traveling to explore new places and food, creating art and trying different activities with her husband and friends.


We’re here to make good things happen for other people.

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Written by: Leah Bryant

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