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Making Good Things Happen for Other People During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us I find myself thinking even more about those in my community who are struggling for various reasons, maybe even more so now due to the pandemic. That “holiday cheer” so many holiday songs sing of is in short supply for many these days.

I am grateful for organizations in my community that strive to not let these people walk among us in invisibility. Our mission at TYGES is, “To Make Good Things Happen for Other People” and one of the ways we live out that mission is to support these groups. This year we have supported organizations in our community including Wreaths Across America, Grove Christian Outreach, Meals on Wheels America, and Georgia Mountain Food Bank. I encourage you to take a look and consider how you could join in also making good things happen for other people!

TYGES’ mission extends not only to supporting the boots-on-the-ground organizations in our community already serving our neighbors in need but also to the individuals we interact with on a daily basis over the phone. We do not see the people we speak with as just another potential placement, but as individuals with stories and worth. Seeing that translates to how we interact with the candidate from start to finish.

In our initial call with a candidate, we set the job description completely to the side at first. Our questions are instead person-centered and focused on understanding more about what makes the candidate tick. We ask about their background, their interests, and what would make them whole.

TYGES does not rush through the process. We believe it is important to be sure that a job opportunity is a fit for both the candidate and the client. A candidate will have two conversations with our recruiters before being submitted to a hiring authority, just to ensure the opportunity would be a good fit for both sides.

Once a candidate is presented to a company, we do not leave them on their own. The account executive will guide them through the entire process, providing interview tips, insights, and will even act as an intermediary between the hiring authority and candidate to ensure an agreement is reached that is in the interest of both.

At the end of the day, if the candidate and the role are not a fit for each other, the candidate remains in our database and therefore has access through TYGES’ nationwide network for future opportunities.

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So, if you find yourself facing a job search right now, or would simply like to network for opportunities, pick up the phone or send a message and reach out to us! Because there is one thing I can guarantee: TYGES will see you and treat you as a human being deserving of respect and good things.

And for everyone, please remember this holiday season that there are people among us who could use support now more than ever. Together, let’s make good things happen for other people.

Written by: MELINDA MARRIOTT, Executive Recruiter

Melinda Marriott is a recent graduate of William & Mary with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and in Government. She is a hard-working individual with an enthusiasm for learning and embracing opportunities, and a desire to improve the lives of others. Melinda has established herself as a knowledgeable recruiter in the ABA industry. As a recruiter for TYGES Behavioral Health, Melinda strives to connect outstanding ABA professionals with the most fitting opportunities to benefit both them and their clients.

In her free time, Melinda can be found exploring Williamsburg, reading, listening to music, or being with people in her community. 

We’re here to make good things happen for other people.

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Written by: Leah Bryant

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