20 Years Building Integrity

WILLIAMSBURG, Va., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TYGES has reached another milestone, celebrating 20 years of business this July. Its mission and core values are the heartbeat of the organization, allowing it to produce an exceptional customer experience.

Founder, Tim Saumier, reflected on reaching this milestone by sharing, “This coming July 29th is the twentieth anniversary of TYGES. We truly have come a long way since that first day and it has much to do with the culture we have built together along with our mission and values that keep us focused on making good things happen for other people.”

From the start, TYGES focused its recruiting services in the industrial manufacturing sector which it continues today. Since then, TYGES has opened a behavioral health division, acquired an office in Georgia, expanded to Florida, received a Great Place to Work certification, and awarded a Best Place to Work in Virginia. Saumier explains, “The success that TYGES has experienced since the company’s inception can be attributed to its strong relationships, the desire to serve its clientele, and living its mission.”

“I wanted to raise the bar in the recruiting industry when I started this company.  Our core values and mission evolved because of our culture.”  Saumier continues, “We bring the entire team together each year to team build and show appreciation. We identify one of our core values as an overarching theme. This year our theme is integrity.  We use some opportunities to say you cannot spell integrity without grit and we use other opportunities to say we need to do what is right; not what is easy.”


TYGES is an executive and professional search firm placing leaders at all levels. We are guided by our core values: integrity, respect, accountability, determination, and courage. Our proven process, THE TYGES WAY, will bring your organization the talent you need while developing and motivating your people. TYGES focuses on an overall fit, meaning when you entrust your talent search to us, we take forming a partnership seriously.

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Picture of Written by: Leah Bryant

Written by: Leah Bryant

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