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Shark Tank Virginia

At TYGES, our mission is “We’re here to make good things happen for other people.”  Yes we are recruiters but we do so much more than just help clients find people. We impact the communities we live in by getting involved personally, professionally and financially with worthy causes.  You can learn more about some of these organizations by visiting our site at https://tygesbhr.com/organizations-weve-supported/.

We impact the communities we live in by getting involved personally, professionally and financially with worthy causes.

Today we are highlighting Ignition Center (www.ignitioncenter.com) which is headquartered in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Ignition is a non-profit incubator for entrepreneurs who have an idea and want to take it from a concept to a full business.  Ignition provides the tools, the mentorship, and in many cases, the capital required to create a successful company.  Ignition’s mission is to “create profitable and sustainable businesses, while igniting a passion for entrepreneurship.”  I’ve been a board member for this organization going on two years and have seen it thrive and see a number of entrepreneurs come through it and go onto greater things.

This Saturday, Ignition is hosting its 3rd annual Shark Tank Virginia in Williamsburg.  Entrepreneurs will come from across the US and pitch their ideas to a group of judges that will provide them with feedback and ultimately select the winner of this competition.  I have been one of the judges for the first two years and it’s not only a lot of fun but I’ve personally invested in two of the companies that came through the tank.  In the first two years, we’ve seen 60 startups but more importantly $500,000 in investments have been raised.  More information about the event can be found on the front page of www.ignitioncenter.com.  It’s a lot of fun, great company and it’s been wonderful to see these passionate entrepreneurs pitch their ideas. 

Come join us Saturday or just get involved with Ignition Center if you have a passion for helping entrepreneurs. 

Tim Saumier

Written by: TIM SAUMIER, President and Founder

Tim Saumier started his recruiting career when he opened TYGES International back in July 2002 after purchasing a franchise from MRINetwork. He has grown the business from start-up office in 2002 to where it is today helping clients around the world solve their talent acquisition problems. While he does place people with companies, he brings much more through his consultative coaching with both companies and individuals hence the reason he has built long-lasting relationships that continue to work with TYGES.

Prior to starting TYGES, Tim spent thirteen years in corporate America with companies like John Deere, Moen, and Philips where he had the opportunity to work in supply chain, operations, and engineering during his career.

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