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Sometimes It’s Just Fate

I work with people every day who struggle to make a decision. When I call people I often get this vibe that they are asking themselves, “Should I stay in my current job where I am secure but less than happy or should I explore my options to see if there might be something out there that is better for me?” In my experience, most people tend to opt for the secure but less than ideal choice. I understand self-preservation is really just a key element of human nature. After all, if all of our ancestors had tried to kill wooly mammoths rather than eat berries and such then we might not have survived long as a species. I guess you have to have a certain percentage of risk-takers vs. non-risk-takers in a highly functioning society.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s funny how sometimes things just seem to happen as if they’ve been pre-ordained almost. I call someone who is otherwise not thinking much about a job change, I give them my pitch, the individual thinks it over and decides to pursue the role with my client. Next, we move through the process and things just seem to magically fall into place. The next thing I know the deal is done and the individual is starting a new job. 

I’m no mystic or whatever but there are a few takeaways from this idea for me. One is that most people really have nothing to lose when it comes to exploring their options. After all, you have the option to step aside at any point so why not at least open the door and see what it looks like inside? I promise I won’t be angry and I’ll still respect you. The second takeaway I have is probably more useful. Basically, it’s the idea that, if you are struggling through the process and it seems like nothing is falling into place along the way then maybe the thing wasn’t supposed to be and it’s time to re-evaluate the decision that led you here. Recruiters call this “killing the deal” and we do it because the fact is that the timing isn’t always going to be right and we owe it to our clients & customers to pull the plug even when they might not agree.

So, the next time you are struggling with the outcomes of a decision and things don’t feel “right” then you need to ask yourself if maybe it’s time to “kill the deal.” The flip side of that is if you find yourself questioning whether or not to ponder a job change then why not explore a little bit. You might just find that all the pieces just fall into place.

Steve Sanders

Written by: Steve Sanders, VP/GM of Industrial

Steve Sanders leads the Industrial Recruitment team at TYGES and has
been with the organization since 2003. Prior to joining TYGES, Steve
worked in engineering and supply chain roles with Honeywell International
Inc. and Deere & Co. He has first-hand experience working in the
automotive, chemical, and off-highway equipment manufacturing industries.

Steve’s philosophy is simple. He demands honesty, integrity, and open
communications from both himself, his clients, and the candidates that he
works with. He strives to be a source of competitive advantage to his clients
and seeks to build strategic partnerships. He is committed to exceeding
customers’ expectations by providing quick, professional service. He
believes in sharing both the good and the not so good. He believes in doing
the right thing, even when it is not the easiest path. Steve is energized by
finding that perfect fit individual and introducing them to the client.

We’re here to make good things happen for other people.

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Written by: Leah Bryant

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