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Want to Effortlessly Perform Tasks to the Maximum Level of Your Ability?

The 2012 Masters Tournament, and the iconic green jacket went to a former Georgia Bulldog who never took a lesson in his life. Bubba Watson is one of the top shot-shapers in pro-golf and his success is rooted in mental toughness and staying present. 

“…mindfulness and not getting carried away into the future or past (which can cause anxiety), is a big part of my training. The present is an “emotionless” time. When you are present, you are not judging, you’re completely aware of what’s going on around you but not letting it change how you feel inside. You’re focused, but very relaxed at the same time (the peak performance state). -Bubba Watson

Peak performance is a mindset and a lifestyle. Would you like to effortlessly perform daily tasks and long-term passion projects to the maximum level of your ability, with unwavering confidence and precision focus? I imagine so. Attaining peak performance requires similar discipline when attaining any goal. To do so, it first requires embracing healthy habits with an athletic mentality. 

Being great at anything requires healthy habits and intentional flexibility. To reach your peak performance you will need to be both goal-oriented and self-compassionate, while extending empathy to others around you as well, i.e., leave your ego at the door. In order to achieve the stamina required to withstand this next level growth (because, let’s be honest, self-discipline is easier to spell than live out) you must maintain total and present-moment mental clarity. Comparable to building muscle weightlifting, hours climbing a mountain for a breathtaking view or preparing a field for harvest, the commencement period through the midway point is where you will feel the most struggle and if you don’t quit true contentment. 

One of the benefits of peak performance is acquiring true contentment. This is found by being value-driven and [insert drum roll] understanding you will never achieve lasting fulfillment. Our lives were designed with valleys and mountain-top peaks, for the journey found between each is where stamina, knowledge and growth take place. You will encounter trials and disappointments along the way. These obstacles are imperative to your success, much like physical training you are building mental muscle. True progress requires plateaus and setbacks. If you find yourself feeling dispirited, understand that choosing to quit or to continue is exactly that, a choice. 

  • Permit Failure to Motivate You and Take Time to Learn from the Setback
    • DO: Acknowledge, Correct, Learn, Apply and Proceed
    • DON’T: Wallow, Blame, Quit

Also incredibly important, avoid becoming complacent at the onsite of success. Maintaining focus on the long term goal is essential in order for continuous immersion to be possible. If you find your mind wandering, or become triggered from something/someone, pause for a moment, reconnect with your breath our breath is the anchor to our present moment, observe the environment and reflect on what you may be feeling, then continue. This practice will eliminate the fight or flight response which often lead most people off their goal path. 

Most people overlook the fact that star performers such as Bubba Watson, Serena Williams, and the late, great Kobe Bryant were not born with the physical ability and mental resilience they later exhibit(ed). Each began with basic skills, then preparatory skills, and then performance skills. Given I touched on a small percentage of information related to Peak Performance and How to Attain It, my hope is this, that what you have read thus far provided you a spark of interest and curiosity in your own life and I encourage you to open up Google and search your favorite artists, athletes, business professionals, industrialists, etc., and learn their backstory. Regard professionals who also possess superior psychomotor skills and perform under intense pressure such as first team responders, firefighters, law enforcement, military personnel, surgeons, and (shout-out) mothers. There is a tremendous amount of groundwork that goes into performing at this level. Learn about it; because true success is contingent on physical and mental toughness.

Written by: JESSICA WASHBURN, Executive Recruiter

Jessica Washburn is an Executive Recruiter with TYGES Behavioral Health Recruiting. She has a background in journalism, marketing, public relations, and seeing potential in every circumstance. Jessica is fueled by Woodford Reserve (neat), classic rock, and twice-fried chicken wings. Her passions include nature, being a mom, and silver-linings. Her personal vexations include gossip, lying and paper straws.

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Written by: Leah Bryant

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