Define The Position

Important Steps In Defining The Position

Defining the position aims to communicate the nature of the work, the methodology for completing tasks, and the purpose of the work in relation to the organization’s goals and mission. It serves as a vital tool for job seekers to align their skills and provides a resource for guiding job performance.


Step 1: Conduct a Job Analysis

Initiate the process by gathering, examining, and interpreting information about the job’s tasks to ensure organizational efficiency. This involves questioning current employees and supervisors, observing task execution, and researching variations in descriptions, titles, and salaries. The results should outline what success looks like after 90 days and in the first year.

Step 2: Define Essential Functions

Gain a complete understanding of the knowledge, skills, abilities, environmental factors, and credentials required for the position. List all tasks involved, determine their frequency and time requirements, assess the consequences of not performing them, and identify collaboration with other employees or departments. After considering all factors, categorize tasks and functions as either essential or marginal.

Step 3: Write a Job Description

While the structure of job descriptions may vary between companies, standardization within an organization is crucial. Include the following topics for clarity:

• Job title
• Brief company history and role appeal
• Objective based on essential functions
• Reporting structure
• Position type, expected hours/shift, travel, and anticipated compensation range
• Competency (knowledge, skills, ability)
• Qualifications and Requirements (education, certification, licensing, etc.)
• Work Environment
• Physical Demands

A job description functions as a comprehensive document detailing the tasks, duties, functions, and responsibilities associated with a specific position. Additionally, job descriptions assist hiring and recruiting teams in finding and attracting suitable candidates.

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