Offer Accepted. Now What?

Your offer has been accepted.

Accepting a new job is a significant life choice that often prompts second-guessing after the initial excitement during the interview phase. The period between accepting the offer and starting the new position allows ample time for individuals to contemplate and become anxious about their choice. These doubts are normal and arise from the uncertainties inherent in making a career transition.

To mitigate such apprehensions, incorporating additional pre-onboarding activities beyond routine paperwork can give the new hire confidence. A pre-onboarding checklist can help employers ensure a smooth and organized onboarding process while preparing the new hire with confidence for success. To set the stage for success, consider implementing the following welcoming measures:

Stay in touch with your new hire.

Maintaining communication with your new hire is crucial for a smooth transition. It is important to stay vigilant regarding any post-offer screenings, as delays in these activities may raise red flags. Be aware that the current employer might be working to retain the new hire, so staying proactive is key.

Make an internal announcement.

Depending on the size of your organization, consider sharing the good news with the team a few days before their start date. For larger companies with a rapid hiring pace, it’s advisable to limit these announcements to the new hire’s direct team to maintain their effectiveness over time. In the announcement, include:

  • New hire’s name
  • Position
  • Start Date
  • Personalized Introduction
  • LinkedIn Profile

Set first day expectations.

Before the new hire’s start date, clearly communicate your company’s expectations to set them up for success and minimize anxiety. Share this essential information through email so they can refer to it as needed:

  • Arrival time
  • Who they will be greeted by
  • Dress code
  • Parking
  • Equipment requirements
  • Employee handbook, benefits guide, and role-specific information
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