The First 90 Days

Set the stage for your new hire.

The initial 90 days of employment allow time for new employees to learn job responsibilities and adapt to the company’s culture. During this time, employees are continuously assessing whether the company and colleagues are still a good fit.
To retain your new employee, be prepared with introductions, thorough onboarding and training presentations, and ongoing development with a 30, 60, and 90-day plan that sets clear expectations on how to reach their goal.

30-Day Onboarding Plan:

Within the initial 30 days, your employee should experience increased confidence in their role, establishing a consistent work routine. Additionally, they are expected to forge professional relationships with colleagues, gradually assimilating into the team and feeling a sense of belonging.

  • Orientation
    • Welcome and introductions
    • Company overview, mission, and values
    • Introduction to team members and key stakeholders
    • Role Understanding
    • Detailed explanation of the employee’s role and responsibilities
    • Overview of team structure and collaboration dynamics
    • Introduction to tools and software used in the role
  • Training
    • Initial training sessions on basic job functions
    • Introduction to company policies and procedures
    • Access to relevant documentation and resources
  • Meetings
    • Regular check-ins with the supervisor for feedback and questions
    • Meetings with cross-functional teams for better understanding
    • One-on-one sessions to address any concerns or queries

60-Day Onboarding Plan:

At the conclusion of the 60-day period, the new employee should have adapted to the workflow, feeling at ease, and prepared to handle additional tasks without experiencing overwhelm.

  • Skill Development
    • Ongoing training sessions to enhance job-specific skills
    • Encouragement to attend relevant workshops or webinars
    • Introduction to mentorship programs or assigned mentors
  • Project Exposure
    • Participation in small projects or tasks to apply learning
    • Collaborative projects with different teams for a holistic view
    • Regular feedback sessions on performance
  • Networking
    • Introduction to key stakeholders and department heads
    • Opportunities for social interactions with colleagues
    • Networking events or team-building activities
  • Performance Review
    • Initial performance review to provide constructive feedback
    • Goal setting for the upcoming months
    • Discussions about career growth within the organization

90-Day Onboarding Plan:

The new employee should be more independent, needing less supervision and finished with initial training. Involving them in longer-term projects not only allows skill application but also signals trust in their work ethic.

  • Advanced Training
    • Specialized training sessions for advanced skills
    • Certification programs or advanced workshops
  • Autonomy and Responsibility
    • Gradual increase in autonomy and responsibility
    • Ownership of larger projects or tasks
    • Support for independent decision-making
  • Feedback and Improvement
    • Regular feedback sessions to discuss progress and improvements
    • Identification of areas for further development
    • Support for creating a personalized development plan
  • Integration into Company Culture
    • Encouragement to participate in company-wide initiatives
    • Involvement in social responsibility or community engagement
    • Full immersion into the company’s values and culture

By now, you can assess the new employee’s enthusiasm for the job and your company, determining the potential as a long-term asset. This is also an opportune time to discuss future advancement opportunities. Assuming everything progresses positively, your next meeting with the employee can be scheduled on their anniversary date.

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