Winning The Right Candidate

Build rapport from the start

Building rapport during the interview process positively influences a candidate’s perception of the company, fostering trust and cultural alignment. The clear communication established creates a transparent and favorable view of the offer terms. The overall positive experience, coupled with a personal connection, encourages candidates to accept the offer, contributing to a smoother onboarding process and a strong foundation for a successful working relationship.

Make a timely decision

Timely decisions on extending offer letters are crucial for respecting candidates’ time and enhancing their experience which increases the likelihood of acceptance. In a competitive job market, swift decisions provide a critical edge and reduces the risk of losing qualified candidates. Efficient decision-making also contributes to talent retention, positive employer branding, and overall organizational success.

Understand pushes and pulls

“Pushes” are the factors compelling individuals to leave their current positions. These can include reasons like financial considerations, long commutes, a lack of upward mobility, or a dearth of challenges. On the other hand, “pulls” encompass what individuals seek in their next role or from their next employer. Understanding this balance provides clarity on job alignment based on values and motivators. Emphasizing and addressing the pushes and pulls during the interviews will minimize hesitations and build trust. If concerns arise, reiterating both pushes and pulls can highlight how the new opportunity meets predetermined criteria and reassures confidence.

If the candidate is right for the team but not for the position, consider:

  • Creating a new position
  • Re-engineering the responsibilities of the role

TYGES can help you win the right candidate.

  • We can help you tell the story about your company and the opportunity.
  • We can bridge the gaps and shorten the time to a decision.
  • We can advise on the best strategies to get your offer accepted.
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