Job Resource Guide

Face-to-Face Interview

Face-to-Face Interview Objective

The objective of the in-person interview is to get the company to make you a job offer. The face-to-face interview allows you to learn those things you need to know about the position, interviewer, and the company so that you can make an intelligent decision about the job.


  • Research the company
  • Use the internet to find any recent news stories about the company (growth, mergers, awards, etc.).
  • Know the company’s products and services.
  • This will give you information that you can use to ask questions of the interviewer(s).

What To Bring To The Interview

  • Three to four copies of your resume
  • Pen and pad of paper.
  • Directions to the interview location as well as the interviewer’s phone number in case you’re running late.

The Face-to-Face Interview

Arrive no earlier than fifteen minutes before the interview and no later than five minutes prior to the interview.
Allow adequate time for traffic, parking and a last minute appearance check.
If asked, complete an application. (In some instances the clients will send an application prior to the interview. If this is the case, have this filled out upon arrival.) Complete the application in full and leave no blanks. Do not write “see resume” as a response to any application question. Respond to “expected salary” questions as “open” and “current salary” questions truthfully. List references if requested, your recruiter’s name should be your response to any “referred by” questions.

A typical sequence of events of people who you will interview with is:

  • Human Resources (general questions. review of the company and their benefits).
  • Immediate supervisor and peers.
  • Hiring authority (manager, etc.).

The interview should be a two-way conversation. Ask questions of the interviewers. This shows your interest in the company and the position and enables you to gather the right information to make an intelligent decision afterward. The questions you have prepared can be asked to the different people you see.

Remember that the objective of the interview is to obtain an offer. During the interview, you must gather enough information concerning the position to make a decision.

Attempt to get business cards from each person with whom you interview. This will help you afterward when you send thank you notes.


If you are sincerely interested in the position and are satisfied with the answers given, you should ask the interviewer if he/she feels that you are qualified for the position. This gives you another chance to review points that may need clarification. Illustrate confidence in your abilities and convince the interviewer that you are capable of handling the position successfully.

Ask for the job.

Make a positive statement about the position. Emphasize that this is exactly the type of opportunity you’ve been looking for and would like to be offered the position. Ask when you should expect an answer.


After the interview has been completed, call your Recruiter and give them feedback. Share the following information with them:

  • With whom did you speak? Names and titles.
  • What was the content of the discussion?
  • Did you discuss salary?
  • Are you interested in pursuing this opportunity any further?
  • What did they say about next steps?

Send a note/email to each person that you interviewed with thanking them for taking the time to speak with you. Reiterate your interest in the position and the company as well as your ability to do the job.