Face to Face Interview


The objective of the in-person interview is to receive a job offer. The face-to-face interview allows you to evaluate the work environment and gives you more insight about the interviewer, position, and team that you cannot observe over the phone or video call. You should leave the interview with all the tools you need to make a fully informed decision about accepting the job.


  • Check out the company website and familiarize yourself with their products and services. Take note of something that stands out to you.
  • Research recent news stories about the company (growth, mergers, awards, etc.).
  • Prepare questions for your interviewer(s). Pro tip: look for moments to ask these questions naturally in conversation throughout the interview.
  • The night before, lay out your clothes, print extra copies of your resume, and map out your drive. Be sure to consider rush hour traffic and parking.

What to Bring to the Interview

  • Three to four copies of your resume
  • Pen and pad of paper
  • Directions to the interview location as well as the interviewer’s phone number in case of emergency
  • Prepared questions
  • Completed application (if applicable)
  • List of references and their contact information

The Interview

For a face-to face interview, ensure you arrive between five and fifteen minutes before the scheduled interview time to be mindful of the interviewer’s schedule while creating an impression of preparedness.

Approach the interview as a two-way conversation, demonstrating your interest and curiosity about the company, the position, and the people involved. Asking thoughtful questions not only conveys your enthusiasm but also prepares you to make an informed decision if an offer is extended.

It is advisable to collect business cards from each person you interview with, facilitating the sending of thank-you notes later. This small gesture reflects professionalism and gratitude for the opportunity.

Always Be Closing

After expressing genuine interest in the position and ensuring satisfaction with the answers provided during the interview, it is recommended to ask each interviewer for feedback on your qualifications. This opens the conversation to clarify any points, demonstrate confidence in your capability, and affirm your interest in the position. Conclude the interview by expressing your excitement for the job, emphasizing that it aligns with your career goals. Be proactive by inquiring about the expected timeline for a decision or the next steps in the process.


After the onsite/face-to-face interview has finished, take time to debrief, and reflect on the conversation:

  • Which questions did you answer well or not so well?
  • Do you have any remaining questions?
  • Do you see yourself working there?
  • Is this job aligned with your overall career goals?

After collecting your thoughts, express gratitude through a personalized note or email to each interviewer to reaffirm your enthusiasm for the position. Highlight your readiness to undertake the role’s responsibilities and contribute to the company’s success. If uninterested, kindly and promptly communicate so to avoid any inconvenience and maintain professional relationships.

TYGES Can Help

Your TYGES recruiter will share insights to increase your chance of getting an offer and then debriefs with you after the interview. This candidate-first approach helps align your “why” with company offerings.