Preparing For Your Job Search

Why Change Jobs?

Understand your why. There are countless reasons why someone seeks employment or a job change. Think about what you want to change in your current situation. Establish reasonable expectations. Do your research. Start with a list of companies you are interested in and then do research on each company’s culture, industry, location, etc. to determine whether it aligns with your objectives.


  • Polish your resume.
  • Use a professional network, like LinkedIn or Indeed, effectively. Keep reading for pointers on completing your profile.


Turn on Open to Work and review your job seeking preferences. This will increase your visibility to hiring managers and encourage them to reach out. You can do this confidentially (only seen from LinkedIn Recruiter) or publicly with a profile picture banner.

Personalize the “about” section of your LinkedIn profile. Briefly describe your experience, skills/specialties, and give insight on what you are looking for so that hiring authorities know what to reach out to you about. If you are eager, take it one step further and add your contact information.

Consider changing the headline on your LinkedIn profile. Keep in mind that the headline can be seen from your LinkedIn feed so this is often a first impression – similar to the subject line of an email.

Give context to your past experiences by indicating the industry you worked in, what the company does, and what part you played as an employee there. By giving this context to your audience, it enables them to more accurately relate which ultimately brings quality job leads to your inbox.

Most importantly, build your network by connecting with other professionals and following companies of interest. It is also encouraged to create regular posts, and engage with your audience by liking, commenting, and sharing.

Execute the Plan

Now that you have addressed “your why”, polished your resume, and updated LinkedIn your profile, it is time to execute a daily plan.

  • Deploy a goal to increase your number of connections each day. Send an invitation to professional you know personally, leaders at your target companies, people you have networked with at career fairs/over the phone, andadvocates/influencers in your field.
  • Develop a customizable message/email template that you can send to new connections and targeted companies. In your note, mention that you are open to work, share what stood out about them, and set the stage for next steps by asking to be considered for an open role you are interested in.
  • Prepare a follow up note explaining that you are still in the market and reiterate and consolidate what you said in the first email. It is good practice to send a message 2-4 days after your initial outreach.
  • Set up daily job alerts on key websites (i.e. LinkedIn, Indeed, company websites, etc.) and review the roles daily.
  • Directly apply to positions aligned with your goals, contact the hiring authority or HR representative at your desired company to emphasize your application submission and interest in an interview. Follow up three times within a two-week span and then pause to avoid appearing overly assertive.
  • Reach out to a recruiter in your industry. It opens doors to potential job opportunities that may not be publicly advertised and provides access to valuable industry insights. Recruiters help in optimizing resumes, preparing for interviews, and navigating the job market, making them valuable partners in career development and networking. Contact us at TYGES to get started.


Professional references are people you have worked with and who can speak about your work ethic, work history, and productivity. It is recommended to identify people who you have worked with in a more recent role. Once you share this information
with a potential employer, it is best practice to contact your references and alert them of possible phone calls from companies and recruiters.

TYGES Can Help

Our recruiters can help you find direction with your job search. With answers to a few of our questions, we can determine whether we can help you find your next opportunity or present other resources.