Writing a Resignation Letter

Why write a resignation letter?

Writing a letter of resignation is a key aspect of leaving a job on a professional and positive note. It embodies a sense of professionalism by providing a formal and documented record of your decision to leave the company. This documentation is crucial for both you and your employer, serving as evidence of the date you officially communicated your intent to resign.

A well-crafted resignation letter uses a neutral tone while expressing gratitude for the opportunities provided by the employer. Doing so contributes to maintaining positive professional relationships. Your statement should be clear and indicate the last day you plan to work. While putting in two weeks’ notice is not legally required, it is a courtesy and a common practice.

Consider offering to assist with the transition to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities which is particularly important for the organization. Many companies have specific policies and procedures for resignations and adhering to these guidelines is a respectful acknowledgment of the established norms within the organization.

Handling your departure with grace and formality, as reflected in the resignation letter, contributes to your personal brand and professional reputation. It is also often a requirement outlined in employment contracts, ensuring compliance with legal and HR protocols. Overall, the resignation letter is a small but significant part of the departure process that encompasses professionalism, positive relationships, and adherence to organizational policies and procedures.

Remember, even if you have issues with your current job, it is essential to keep the resignation letter positive and professional. You never know when you might encounter your current colleagues or supervisors in the future.

TYGES can help. Your TYGES recruiter can share best practices for what to write and when to resign. It is common for employers to receive resignation letters and make counteroffers. Conduct your own research on the counteroffer and check out the next page for a sample resignation letter.

Sample Resignation Letter

Boss’ Name
Job Title
Company Name
Company Address

Dear (Your Boss’ Name),
Please accept this letter as my formal resignation as (position title) with (Company Name). My last day will be (your last day, typically two weeks from the date you give notice).

Thank you for the opportunity to work in this position for the past (amount of time you’ve worked at the company). The support and concern shown by you and the rest of the management team have been deeply appreciated.

I leave (Company Name) with no animosity or ill will and wish you, and your company continued success.

During my last two weeks, I will do everything possible to wrap up my duties and train other team members if necessary. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to aid in the transition.

(Your signature)
(Your Name)