Aerospace & Defense Recruitment

The aerospace industry requires a steady stream of top talent, from design engineers to supply chain managers to sales executives to aerospace manufacturing leaders. If your firm is searching for world-class aerospace recruitment services, TYGES can take you to the next level.

“We’re here to make good things happen for other people.”

At TYGES, our mission is to make good things happen for people and businesses in the aerospace sector. Whether you are a hiring manager or other top-level decision maker at an aerospace company, or a job seeker looking to advance your career, we are here to find alignment between our candidates and our clients with whom we partner.

Recruit Qualified Aerospace Candidates

The recruiting process can drain time and resources from an aerospace company. Outsourcing the process of vetting new employees can save you considerable time and expense.

Trusting that process to an industry leader can give you confidence that the candidates you consider are among the very best. At TYGES, we qualify and present the strongest available talent.

Find Aerospace Candidates for Every Function

Aerospace companies thrive on access to elite scientific minds, but it takes more than engineers to run a company. TYGES can help you fill top-level positions in all your company’s departments, from the scientific experts who help you innovate, to the executives, managers and individual contributors who keep your product moving and your operations running efficiently.

If you specialize in manufacturing, we can draw upon our more than 20 years of manufacturing recruitment experience to help you find the right leadership team and aerospace manufacturing professionals that can help you grow and thrive. We have access to an elite network of aerospace executives and manufacturing professionals, across all functional areas including product development, supply chain, quality, sales, marketing, human resources, finance, IT, operations, continuous improvement, LEAN, and much more.

Focus On What You Do Best

A recent survey revealed that 95 percent of business leaders see hiring and retaining talent as one of their top three priorities. However necessary it is, searching for top talent takes up a lot of time that could go into innovation, market analysis, quality control, supply chain management and other necessary elements of leading a company in the aerospace industry.

TYGES is prepared to take this key responsibility off your hands, so you and your company’s key decision makers can focus on what you do best—innovating and competing in a competitive market.

Our 4:1 interview to placement ratio means you will not waste time vetting unqualified candidates. With TYGES, you will have the luxury of choosing the best candidate from a small pool of top performers.

Take Your Aerospace Career to New Heights

Our skill in matching top talent with successful aerospace businesses goes both ways. If you are an aerospace professional seeking a position with a company that needs your in-demand talents, we can help you take your career to the next level.

Aerospace recruiting agencies can do little for you if they have not built relationships with the leading companies in the sector. Our connections in the aerospace industry help us place engineers, operations, sales, and other aerospace professionals at coveted destinations in the sector.

An executive recruiter at our firm will work with you personally to ascertain your career goals and find a concise list of companies that could help your career thrive.

A Personal Approach to Aerospace Recruiting

Working with aerospace recruitment agencies that do not get to know your company can feel impersonal—and might not deliver talent that is aligned with your goals. If an aerospace recruiter does not know your company and what makes it stand apart, how can they select talent that matches your goals, ethics, and culture?

At TYGES, we work closely with our clients to learn what is important to them, and the vision they have for their future. This helps us make connections between companies and employees that are built to last.

Take the Pain Out of the Vetting Process

Finding top talent in the aerospace industry can feel like an arduous task, but it does not have to. By working with a global leader in aerospace recruitment, you can enjoy the luxury of hiring with confidence, without the heavy lifting of vetting and sorting through thousands of applications.

Whether you are seeking to fill a single open role or building a team from the ground up, our executive and professional search firm is here to make the process as stress-free and successful for you as possible.

Take the first step toward achieving your recruitment goals by contacting one of our experienced team members today.