Recruiters for Human Resources, Finance, and IT in Manufacturing

Human resources, finance, and IT professionals are key roles in manufacturing. The right employees in these crucial positions can turn an inefficient workplace into a well-oiled machine.

Finding the best available professionals can prove to be an uphill climb. After all, filling open positions is a time-consuming process and top talent is a finite resource your competitors need as much as you do.

This is where the manufacturing recruiting experts at TYGES can make a decisive difference for your business. Our elite recruiting professionals are here to take this task off your hands while giving you the competitive edge you need to secure the best HR, finance, and IT talent available. We are not only expert recruiters, we are also intimately familiar with the unique staffing needs of the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Is Not Like Other Fields

Finding top-level HR, finance, and IT professionals is hard enough in itself. Finding high-performing candidates with manufacturing experience is another thing altogether.

The industrial world is unique, and candidates with only non-manufacturing experience may not be the right fit for your office teams. Some candidates thrive on the pace and environment of manufacturing, while others may not. Also, these jobs often require a technical acumen that is not necessary in a non-industrial atmosphere.

TYGES has extensive experience filling roles at all levels of the manufacturing industry, from individual contributors to C-suite executives. We work with a wide range of manufacturing companies, including those specializing in aerospace, industrial manufacturing, test and measurement, electronics and more.

We know what it takes to make it in your industry, and our highly effective methods help us locate candidates who possess those qualities.

Find Candidates for Every Division

Those manufacturing companies working with TYGES enjoy the luxury of having a reliable recruiting agency to turn to no matter what staffing needs present themselves. Whether you are filling a handful of single direct hire positions or building a team from the ground up, our experts can help you recruit employees in:

Human Resources

Recruiting for HR in manufacturing requires a knowledge of what CPOs (chief people officers), directors, managers and other HR professionals do and how their unique skillsets translate to the manufacturing space.


From CFOs to controllers and accountants, your finance team must possess industry-specific knowledge regarding supply chain management, regulatory compliance, and other manufacturing concerns. Recruiting finance personnel in manufacturing is one way TYGES can help protect your bottom line.

Information Technology

The rate of change in manufacturing technology requires IT professionals with skills in AI, robotics, sensors, and other emerging disciplines. We understand that IT in manufacturing recruitment must move as fast as manufacturing technology itself. We help manufacturing companies fill crucial IT positions such software engineers, systems engineers, and data developers.

Recruit IT, Finance, and HR Professionals the TYGES Way

Our proven process starts with listening to your needs.  This serves as the baseline for the strategies we use to source candidates.  We co-create a recruiting plan with you and manage expectations.  

Our experience in manufacturing recruitment provides us with extensive knowledge to advise you on ways to hire the best candidates available. Throughout our recruiting process, we keep you informed about our progress. This is where we offer transparent discussions about the candidates we vet, which helps you to align your offerings. 

Finally, we smooth the transition for you to bring on your new hire.  We assist with negotiating offers and we bring you insights for a win-win.  With a 4:1 interview to placement ratio, we have proven ourselves as a trusted partner that manufacturing companies can turn to for filling critical IT, HR, and finance roles.

A Strong Ally for Job Seekers

Are you looking to take your HR, finance, or IT career to the next level? The recruiting experts at TYGES work with candidates to help them find companies where they can grow, thrive, and foster successful careers. After building relationships with companies for more than 20+ years, we are well positioned to link you with the top decision-makers filling coveted HR, finance, and IT positions.

Let Us Help You Thrive

With more than 300,000 professionals in our network, we are prepared to help you find the human resources, finance, and IT professionals you need to help your manufacturing company succeed. If you would like to find out why 87 percent of our business is from repeat customers, get in touch with our recruitment specialists today.