Industrial Manufacturing Recruitment

TYGES is your recruiting partner finding top talent in the industrial manufacturing industry.  With over 20 years of experience headhunting for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and components and with an extensive network of seasoned professionals and executives, we excel at connecting your organization with talent across all your critical roles and functions.

Recruit Qualified Industrial Manufacturing Candidates

We understand the nuances within the manufacturing world and the unique skill sets required. TYGES Industrial Manufacturing Recruiters headhunt top candidates who possess a balance of technical skills, industry knowledge, and practical experience. Whether it’s delivering on SQDIP metrics, developing the revenue plan, or fulfilling customer projects on time and on budget, we make sure our candidates have the credentials to fill your industrial manufacturing needs.

What We Look For in our Candidate Evaluations

Technical Skills and Knowledge

  • Educational Pedigree: We invest the time to understand the why behind the what whether it is a specialized degree or industry certification.
  • Technical Proficiency/Pedigree: We have the knowledge and experience in your manufacturing processes to dive deep with professionals and understand how their career demonstrates alignment with your ideal candidate.
  • Quality Control: The TYGES Operating System is built to consistently deliver quality and aligned candidates. Repeatable process plus repeatable outcome equals our process.


Practical Experience

  • Demonstrated Experience: Professionals in our network have working knowledge in the production environment and manufacturing processes you seek. From automated machinery to work cells to one piece flow.
  • Project Management: TYGES recruiters dig deep to understand how candidates deliver projects from cradle to grave on time and on budget from CapEx projects to innovation to pipeline NPI and NPD experience.



  • Executive Presence: Leaders can be at all levels; formal and informal. We evaluate talent that can execute today but have the runway to do more.
  • Problem-Solving Aptitude: We recruit talent that can solve a problem and prevent it from recurring using tools like root cause analysis, 5Y, and 8D.
  • Teamwork and Communication: We evaluate communication style and proficiency throughout our internal interview process to include evidence of collaboration within teams and examples of effective communication with colleagues across different levels of the organization.

Find Industrial Manufacturing Candidates for Every Function

TYGES identifies talent for a range of industries, from industrial food processing to materials manufacturing.

Industrial Manufacturing Across Industries:

  • Food and beverage processing
  • Wood, paper, and printing
  • Petroleum, chemicals, plastics, and rubber
  • Metals: primary metal, fabricated metal, and machinery
  • Semiconductors, computers, and electronics
  • Consumer products: electrical equipment, appliances, and parts
  • Industrial automation
  • Automation and industrial technology
  • Automated packaging equipment
  • Machining and fabrication
  • Material handling equipment
  • Pharmaceutical processing equipment
  • Robotics

Diverse Industrial Manufacturing Roles:

  • Global, multi-site, and plant operations
  • Global, multi-site, and plant supply chain
  • Production/value stream/focus factory
  • Manufacturing/maintenance engineering
  • Sales/business development (new and aftermarket)
  • Inside sales
  • Technical service manager
  • Product manager/marketing
  • SIOP/demand planning
  • Project manager
  • R&D/design engineering
  • Human resources/talent acquisition
  • Environmental, safety, and health manager
  • Quality manager/engineer/supplier quality
  • Continuous improvement manager/lean manager
  • Finance/controller


How does talent sourcing through TYGES save dollars?

Choosing TYGES as your manufacturing recruiting partner means your team doesn’t have to start from scratch in their hiring search, which minimizes the cost associated with prolonged job vacancies, including lost productivity and revenue.

How does working with TYGES make my company more efficient?

Working with TYGES means less paperwork, time and energy spent on in-house industrial manufacturing recruitment, and more streamlined staffing. Hiring the right professionals, managers, and executives in a timely manner means mitigating staffing shortage challenges and meeting deadlines more consistently.

Can working with TYGES help my business scale?

As your production scales, a reliable, job-ready workforce capable of meeting your operational demands is at hand to join your team. Benefit from access to a wide spectrum of trades at all skill levels, exactly when needed.

In a sector where precision, efficiency, and reliability are non-negotiable, TYGES stands ready to deliver the recruitment solutions your manufacturing operations require. Find out how our expertise translates to enhanced production capabilities and continued success for your organization. Contact TYGES today to find out why we are the preferred choice among industrial manufacturing recruitment agencies.