Manufacturing Executive Recruiters

The leadership team of a manufacturing company sets strategic direction, makes difficult decisions, and drives growth, among other key responsibilities. With the right CXOs, vice presidents, directors, and other leaders in place, your company is prepared to compete in today’s business landscape.

TYGES is a worldwide leader in executive search with access to an elite network of high-performing executives, directors, and other business leaders. We can take the task of recruiting and vetting manufacturing executives off your hands so you and your team members can focus on your key business drivers.

Filling Leadership Positions In Your Manufacturing Organization

Our executive recruiters work across all manufacturing functions and can help you identify talent for higher level roles including:

C-Suite Executives

From chief executive officers to CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, CCOs, CTOs, and COOs, the leaders you hire will play a key role in shaping the direction of your company. Executives in the manufacturing industry must possess a broad skillset and knowledge of supply chains, production processes, quality standards, product development, engineering, and other issues unique to this sector.

Recruiting the right CXO is only possible with a full understanding of your company’s strategy, culture, and organization. The recruitment experts at TYGES will work with you closely to gain a full understanding of your company and the position so we can vet and select C-suite candidates that are the perfect fit for the position and your company culture.


The directors at a manufacturing company perform vital functions such as overseeing corporate governance, implementing new policies, and executing strategies that work towards the company’s goals. TYGES can provide you with the highest level of service, which has made us a global leader in manufacturing executive recruitment.

Vice Presidents

A leadership team is not complete without experienced and high-performing vice presidents in place. VPs oversee specific areas such as sales, marketing, engineering, finance, human resources, quality, and operations.

Whether you are seeking to fill a single VP position or have multiple seats to fill, our recruiting experts are here to ensure that you have the luxury of choosing from a pool of highly qualified individuals.

Our deep background in manufacturing recruiting allows us to find the top performers for every division in your company covering all disciplines and functions.

End-to-End Manufacturing Executive Recruiting Services

TYGES will guide you through every step of the process of filling executive manufacturing roles, including:

  • Consulting: Our manufacturing executive recruiters will take the time to listen to your needs so we can craft a recruitment strategy aligned with your goals. We want to get to know your company so we can limit our candidate searches only to job seekers who are a good match.
  • Recruiting: With more than 300,000 professionals in our network, we can sort through the top-level executive talent, and select those especially qualified for your company.
  • Onboarding: Once we find the perfect fit for your executive position, we will coach all parties through the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition to your company. 


Our services are designed to offer you the most efficient hiring process possible. Our benchmark placement ratio ensures that you will spend your time selecting from a handful of highly qualified candidates, and not spending countless hours sorting through applications from candidates who do not check all the boxes.

Helping Job Seekers Find Coveted Positions

If you seek to bring your leadership talents to a manufacturing company, TYGES is here to help with your job search. We have access to key decision makers in numerous manufacturing companies, allowing us to match high-performing business leaders with the companies that need their experience.

What Sets TYGES Apart as a Manufacturing Executive Recruiter?

Leading manufacturing companies throughout the U.S. have turned to TYGES for their executive searches because of the advantages we offer.


In our more than 20-year history as recruiting specialists, we have gained invaluable experience learning what makes a top-tier candidate for an executive position in a manufacturing business. Our clients benefit directly from the former manufacturing experience of our team. We also know which recruiting strategies are likely to work and which are likely to end in wasted time and resources.


We have access to elite talent at all levels of the manufacturing industry. Once you have filled your key leadership positions, we can help build out their teams.


Our methods are proven and repeatable. With thousands of successful placements in the books, we have the experience that delivers time and again for manufacturing companies who need top talent to maintain their edge in this competitive marketplace.


We can adapt our processes to fit the specific needs of each client. What works for one manufacturing company may not be the best approach for you. We can tailor a talent search to suit your unique needs and goals.

Your Partner for Future Growth

The executive recruitment specialists at TYGES work to build lasting relationships with our clients. There is a reason

We prove ourselves by handpicking top talent for our valued clients. When they need to fill other positions in the future, we are up to speed on their organization and its unique hiring needs. You may need us for manufacturing executive recruitment today, but we will be here for all your other job recruiting needs when called upon.

Get Started Filling Critical Roles With Our Manufacturing Executive Search Services

Whether you are building an executive team or filling a single leadership role, TYGES is here to take the heavy tasks of vetting, attracting, and recruiting talent off your hands. Contact us today to learn how we can make your manufacturing executive search smooth, efficient, and successful.