Supply Chain Recruitment

Businesses rely upon supply chain professionals to ensure a seamless flow of products and services to their customers. Finding qualified professionals on your own, however, can be a time-consuming task.

By working with an elite supply chain recruitment firm, you can outsource this activity to specialists who have devoted their careers to matching high-performing professionals with companies.

TYGES is a worldwide leader in supply chain recruitment serving a broad range of industries throughout the manufacturing sector and we are committed to helping our clients fulfill their direct hire needs in an effective manner.

Gain Access to a Broad Range of Supply Chain Professionals

Our talent base encompasses a wide array of supply chain professionals, from the highest-level executives and managers to individual contributors. The numerous roles we can help your business fill include:

  • Buyers / purchasing / procurement
  • Demand planners
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Logistics / distribution / shipping
  • Inventory management
  • Materials planning
  • Warehousing
  • Supplier quality


As crucial as supply chain management professionals are to your business, we understand that they are only one part of building a successful company. Our team of elite manufacturing recruiting specialists can handle all your recruitment needs, from filling individual roles to building entire teams.

Benefits of Working With Elite Supply Chain Recruiters

For more than 20 years, TYGES has been helping companies:

  • Compete: Elite supply chain professionals are a valued resource. We help our clients find the highest-performing candidates available with experience that can translate into bottom line savings.
  • Move faster: Candidate searches can drain the time and energy of employees and managers. We take that task off our clients’ hands, so their personnel can focus on activities that contribute to the company’s goals. Our proven vetting and placement methods help companies fill positions with highly-qualified supply chain professionals—and do so in a timely manner.
  • Innovate: Material flow is a constant in the field of supply chain management. We help companies compete by linking them with professionals whose knowledge encompasses the latest economics in the movement of goods and materials.
  • Build futures: Building a relationship with TYGES can help you accomplish today’s supply chain recruitment goals while giving you a trusted ally for the needs you will continue to face in the future. There is a reason 87 percent of our business comes from repeat customers—we build lasting relationships.


Our methods are proven and repeatable. Our 4:1 interview to placement ratio means our clients are spared the time sink of sorting through volumes of unqualified candidates and can spend more time choosing the best candidate from a small pool of top performers.

A Personal Approach to Supply Chain Recruitment

A supply chain recruitment agency that does not get to know its customers is doing them a disservice. Our supply chain head hunters will work with you to gain an understanding of your company’s unique needs, goals, and staffing challenges.

With a firm understanding of your company in place, we can seek supply chain professionals that are a match for your business and culture.

Helping Supply Chain Professionals Build Their Careers

With access to leading companies in the manufacturing sector, we are prepared to help supply chain professionals find opportunities that allow them to share their talents and build their careers. Our passion is linking professionals with companies that need their skill set.

Get the Trusted Help You Need

An experienced team of supply chain recruiters is here to help you build the most effective team possible.  Take the first step toward fulfilling your supply chain recruitment goals by contacting TYGES today.