Wire & Cable Manufacturing Recruitment

The global wire and cable market is on a strong upward trend, but that’s not the only thing changing in the industry. Innovators continue to develop new technologies in electrical current transport, like automation and robotics integration.

To take advantage of the emerging potential in the field, your company needs well-qualified innovators who are eager to drive your business forward while contributing to infrastructure improvements.

Hiring in this market always poses a challenge, but particularly so when the industry is so dynamic. As an industry-leading wire and cable manufacturing recruitment firm, TYGES is well-positioned to apply our deep industry knowledge and our vast network of highly qualified candidates to help solve your talent acquisition needs.

Our executive search firm can help you fill positions at all levels of your company and for every type of position.

Recruit Qualified Wire and Cable Manufacturing Candidates

Manufacturers throughout the wire and cable manufacturing industry are innovators, continually pushing the boundaries to produce more efficient and cost-effective products. It stands to reason that, in order to drive your business’ success, you’ll need well-qualified candidates who can fulfill mission objectives across a range of specialties, such as:

  • Power and control cables
  • Flexible cables
  • Fiber optics cables
  • Direct buried cables
  • Silicone insulated wires
  • Braided wire
  • Single-stranded wire
  • Portable automotive wire
  • Flat ribbon cable
  • Residential wire
  • Commercial wire
  • Industrial wire

While keeping in mind the unique requirements for each manufacturing specialty, our wire and cable head hunters can help you fill any sort of role, including the following:

  • Operations – When you partner with TYGES, you can staff your manufacturing team with safety-minded professionals who overlook no detail and lead with purpose.
  • Supply Chain – The global supply chain still offers geographic challenges, but we can help you find the professionals who know how to navigate those issues with confidence.
  • Sales and Marketing – Your sales and marketing teams play a pivotal role in driving the success of your business. We’ll connect you to creative professionals who know how to make your brand shine.
  • Human Resources – These days, HR departments handle so much more than payroll and benefits. Our head hunters can refer top HR managers and specialists with the vision to shape your business’ talent development initiatives.
  • Finance – Your finance team is responsible for much more than maintaining financial records. They provide the key insights that allow your C-suite executives to make impactful decisions. We’ll connect you to experts who see the bigger picture.
  • Product Development – Your business’ track record is only as good as its next success story. Our manufacturing recruiters can lead you to innovative candidates who can anticipate emerging market trends and develop proactive initiatives.

Find Wire and Cable Manufacturing Candidates for Every Function

The details involved with recruiting and assessing candidates for a CXO position are markedly different than for individual contributors. While our wire and cable manufacturing recruiters follow our time-tested, thoroughly proven recruitment process, we also have knowledge of the requirements for varying functions.

Whether you need executives to establish corporate strategy, leaders to manage your departments, or individuals to develop and deliver processes, our recruiters can connect you to the right people for each level of your company.

We have significant experience in referring candidates for every level, including:

  • C-Suite Executives (CXO)
  • Presidents/Vice Presidents
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Individual Team Members

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Recruitment Services

You undoubtedly want to make the best possible decisions for your company, and in order to do that you’ll need to gather some information. TYGES has compiled the following FAQs and answers to inform your decision-making process.

Do you only work with manufacturers based in the U.S.?

Our wire and cable manufacturing recruiters have a global reach. We work with U.S. based companies and applicants based in many different countries, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, and many others. If you’re unsure of whether you’re in one of our coverage areas, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

What is your proven wire and cable manufacturing recruitment process?

Our wire and cable manufacturing recruitment experts use the following process, which has been proven to work throughout our 20+ years in business.

  1. We listen to your needs, gather as much information as possible, and collaborate together on a plan.
  2. We engage in ongoing communication with you, providing updates along the way and explaining our progress.
  3. We serve as a consultant liaison, ensuring that the candidates we refer to you are aligned with your mission and needs.
  4. We follow up after the hire to ensure your continued satisfaction.

What should I do if I’m looking for a position in manufacturing?

We welcome inquiries from well-qualified wire and cable manufacturing professionals—from C-suite executives to managers to individual team members. Please reach out with your information if you’re looking for a position.

How We Can Support Your Success?

At TYGES, we serve as a trusted partner to our client companies, providing an attentive ear and a collaborative approach. But we don’t stop there—we also take the time to do a deep dive on every potential candidate to ensure not only that they have the right qualifications for the position but that they have the right intangibles to help your teams and your business thrive.

Our manufacturing recruiting approach and our proven process are informed by more than 20 years of experience in executive and professional search. Reach out today to discuss your vision of success and we’ll explore a way forward together.