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What’s in a mission statement? May 15, 2019

Over the years, I’ve been asked a common question in many different forms – What do I stand for? 

Since starting TYGES back in 2002, my goal was to change the approach and deliver a superior solution to everyone we connect with.  This is where our mission statement came from.

“We’re here to make good things happen for other people.” 

I’ve worked with a number of companies and people over the years and when asked “What do I stand for?” it comes off disingenuous and a bit self-serving.  My personal and professional focus is to serve everyone I come across in the best possible manner while treating them with the respect they deserve.  This includes the CEO to the person I pass on the street asking for spare change. 

So, if you ever have wondered where our mission statement came from and what’s behind it, it is my hope that when you come across someone who is a part of the TYGES family, you can confidently say that they treated you like a human being and not a product and that we delivered on our mission and made good things happen for you.

Written by: Tim Saumier, CEO

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