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Core Value – Determination


As we continue to spotlight our core values here at our TYGES to help us achieve our mission of “We’re here to make good things happen for other people,” determination is up next. 

We stay the course to achieve our goals regardless of the obstacles.

Like I talked about in the past, we are not going to disappear once the search starts.  We are committed to carrying this burden for you while at the same time are open and honest about our progress. 

When we recruit, hire, and measure our associates here at TYGES, we look for people who have demonstrated the grit that is required to see a project through to the finish, no matter what kind of hurdles or obstacles get in their way.

This is evidence in not only our initial performance but the repeat business we get from our clients. The proof is in the pudding … TYGES has a 75% client retention rate. 

Tim Saumier

Written by: TIM SAUMIER, President and Founder

Tim Saumier started his recruiting career when he opened TYGES International back in July 2002 after purchasing a franchise from MRINetwork. He has grown the business from start-up office in 2002 to where it is today helping clients around the world solve their talent acquisition problems. While he does place people with companies, he brings much more through his consultative coaching with both companies and individuals hence the reason he has built long-lasting relationships that continue to work with TYGES.

Prior to starting TYGES, Tim spent thirteen years in corporate America with companies like John Deere, Moen, and Philips where he had the opportunity to work in supply chain, operations, and engineering during his career.

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Written by: Virginia Williams