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What Do Millennials Want?


I grew up in a middle-class family where my dad worked for the same corporation for 35+years. He worked hard, had a predictable way about his everyday life, and instilled in me a work ethic that I’m so grateful for. This company paid well and provided strong retirement and benefit plans for their employees. They also provided a level of security for not only my dad but my entire family. We were proud of this company. We wore their swag similar to a college graduate wearing the colors of their alma mater. And, as a family, we had the type of loyalty a motorcyclist has for their Harley. 

When starting my own career, I knew how drastically different it may be from my dad’s. I started in corporate America. I was so proud of the offer I received upon graduating from college, although undeserving. I soon learned that the money wasn’t enough. I was looking for more than stability; more than a company with a good reputation and a good benefits plan. I wanted a company with a strong culture, a company that would provide an opportunity to give back, a company that would let me balance my family life and work, and one where I could make a difference and grow professionally.

The newest generation to enter the workforce is challenging the way corporate America, and for that matter how small business operate. For the hiring authorities and HR departments who say “We do it this way because it’s always been done this way”, it’s time to revisit what makes your company appealing. Consider asking yourself “Why do I choose to work here?” and challenge yourself by asking “Why would others want to work here?”. If it boils down to monetary reasoning, there’s more work ahead to make it an attractive company for the generation that is saturating the American workforce.

Written by: Pamela Grogg

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Picture of Written by: Virginia Williams

Written by: Virginia Williams