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How to Achieve the End Goal, the SMART Way

I’m sure we all have heard the term SMART goals, whether it was in college, work orientation, or some motivational podcast. SMART goals always seem like this super daunting thing – but it really doesn’t have to be!

First, let’s go over what SMART goals are. SMART goals are goals that are created using specific criteria to help create better results!  The SMART part about these types of goals is that they are:






Make your goal as specific as possible. Broad goals are too confusing for our brains to comprehend, leaving us to wonder what we really want out of our goal. Instead of saying “I want to be healthier”, narrow it down to what you really want. Are you looking to lose weight, eat more greens, or increase stamina/strength? What’s your end goal exactly?

Okay, so we made a specific goal… how do we measure it though? Basically, you just want to provide some detail on how you’re going to evaluate and track this goal. What quantifying aspect are you adding to your goal?

Making sure your goal is attainable seems like the simplest one – it’s just a yes or no question, right? However, making sure that this is a realistic goal and one that is going to be possible to attain is honestly a huge motivator for us! Having a goal to completely cut out meat may not be very tangible for everyone to just jump on board with. Having a goal of being meat-free for two days a week might be more attainable for someone. This part is really looking inside yourself and being honest about what is going to be doable for you. Your goal should be challenging, but doable!

So now we have this specific goal we know how to measure, and we know is possible, but… is it relevant? Relevance is important because it’s another motivator for everyone! If your goal is to learn how to ski, but you hate the cold… it might not be very relevant to you and your life. When creating goals, it’s best to identify your values and what is important to you.  

Lastly, creating a goal that is time-bound is essential! Having a target date is something that will help focus and motivate you, as well as helps you see that there is an end to this hard work. Creating a date for this goal is also a great way to help you realize if it’s attainable and realistic!

Now that we know what SMART goals are, here are some tips to sticking to them:

  1. Write it out (multiple times if you need to)! Not only does writing it out help your brain remember it more, but the more you write it out, you’re increasing that repetition to help your goal stay at the forefront of your brain.
  2. Plaster your goal everywhere! Having constant reminders of your goals can be a huge motivator (mostly because you can’t escape them 😊). Writing your goal on a sticky note for your desk, on a fun colored paper to hang on your bathroom door at home, or even finding a fun graphic that signifies your goal and putting it as your lock screen are all great ways to be in constant reminder of this goal and how important it is to you.
  3. Keep a journal! Journaling your experience towards achieving this goal can be a great way to spend time reflecting on it and its significance to you. Your journaling doesn’t have to be anything extensive, but even jotting a few things you did today to help towards your goal is a great way to reflect and look at how much work you’re putting in!
  4. Lastly, find a buddy who has similar goals that can help motivate you throughout your process. If you don’t know anyone who has similar goals – find someone you can confide in and tell them why you want to achieve your goal. Having someone to talk to about your goal and the frustrations that will come along with it will help with keeping up that dialogue for your goal in mind.

Written by: BECCA FREEMAN, Executive Recruiter

Becca Freeman holds a B.S. in Psychology from Christopher Newport University and is currently pursuing her M.Ed. in Counseling at the College of William & Mary. Through recruiting and counseling, she has a desire to create meaningful relationships and to help improve the lives of others. As a recruiter for TYGES, Becca strives to connect outstanding ABA professionals with the most fitting opportunities

In her free time, Becca can be found crafting, reading, watching one of her many tv shows, and spending time with her friends. 

We’re here to make good things happen for other people.

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Written by: Leah Bryant

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