Electronics Recruitment

Electronics Recruitment

Filling open roles in the electronics manufacturing industry can be a stressful process that drains time and resources from your company. Even after you fill the position, you may have lingering questions.

By working with a leading electronics manufacturing recruitment firm, you can eliminate the cost in time and resources inherent to the vetting process and hire with the confidence that you found the right fit.

TYGES is a worldwide leader in electronics manufacturing recruitment, serving clients in a broad range of industries including electronics manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, and connectivity solutions like wire and cable. We have access to an elite network of electronics manufacturing professionals and executives, across all functional areas including product development, supply chain, quality, sales, marketing, human resources, finance, IT, operations, continuous improvement, LEAN, and much more.

When you work with us, you are not only conquering today’s talent needs, but you also gain a trusted partner. You can rely upon TYGES every time you have a crucial role to fill or a team to build.

Working with TYGES can give you:

A competitive edge: In the electronics manufacturing industry, superior talent often spells the difference between success and failure. From effective electronics manufacturing recruitment to vetting top-level electrical engineers, supply chain managers, and sales leaders, to name a few, we give our clients the edge they need to prevail in this highly competitive industry.

An efficiency multiplier: You could sort through thousands of applications every time you have an open role to fill, or you could choose from a small pool of the best applicants. Our clients enjoy the time- and cost-saving benefits of the latter approach.

A trusted partnership: At TYGES, we are not focused on the transactional relationship. Rather, we seek to build lasting connections with our clients by understanding their specific needs and presenting candidates that meet their requirements.

Getting the One…Consistently

For many open positions, there may be only a few applicants who best fit your company. By working with the right electronics manufacturing recruiting firm, you can consistently see the best available engineers, sales executives, supply chain team members, operations managers, and other professionals, and know the best talent available has been present to you.

Our vetting process ensures that only high-performing candidates are presented to our clients, and that talent acquisition needs are met efficiently and on time.

Blind spots in your manufacturing recruitment process can benefit a competitor at your expense. TYGES is here to make sure those best available candidates do not end up at the bottom of a resume pile, but rather right in front of you precisely when you need them.

Trusted Help for Job Seekers

If you are seeking work in the electronics industry, our recruiters want to hear from you. Whether you are an electrical engineer, sales leader, supply chain manager, operations director, or other professional in this thriving industry, your skills are in demand.

As experienced electronics recruiters, we have access to companies that can take your career to the next level.

TYGES Knows Your Industry

The recruitment specialists at TYGES understand the unique needs of the electronics industry. Our clients occupy diverse fields within this sector, from power generation, transmission, and controls down to wire and cable, electrical components, and micro-electronic devices.

As technology advances, the role of electronics manufacturing will only broaden. We are positioned to help our clients build their teams capable as this exciting industry innovates and evolves.

Difference-Making Customer Service

Knowing the industry segment is essential to identifying top talent for our clients and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to electronics manufacturing recruiting. Electronics recruiters who offer you candidates without knowing who you are and what makes you tick are doing your company a disservice. TYGES invests time and gains industry knowledge through trade show participation, client visits, and first-hand experience. Combining this with innovative recruiting methods truly makes a difference for the companies we serve.

We will work with you closely to gain an understanding of what makes your company unique—from your financial goals and position in the market, to your values and culture. With a close understanding of your business, we can recruit talent that is not only highly qualified, but also aligned with your company in a broader sense.

Taking the Pain Out of the Placement Process

Hiring electronics industry professionals can be a time-consuming process, but it does not have to be. At TYGES, we seek to make the placement process efficient and reliable through regular communication and trust.

When you are ready to discuss your electronics manufacturing recruitment needs with a recruiter who knows your industry, contact a member of our team.